All about Relation and Leadership in HRM

Leadership in HRM
Relationship management and leadership are the important part of human resource management. Human resource management plays an important role in conducting activities that bring coordination in employees for working smoothly with their managers, peers and subordinates. Relationship management refers to the positive relationship between the management and employees of an organization. Human resource management department is responsible for preventing and resolving different disputes and issues between management and employees.

According to experts of an assignment writing service, leadership is another name of management or controlling. Leadership is basically the art of leading, controlling, guiding and managing people. A leader is responsible for guiding his followers, directing and influencing them through behaviour for the achievement of specific goals. He has to bring and maintain confidence and enthusiasm in followers.

Leadership and Human Resource Management:
A leader is responsible for making sure that his employees has all the necessary things required for accomplishing a goal. He has to make sure that the followers have the right behaviour for doing right things and getting things right. The leader in an organization is responsible for providing the guidance to the staff by providing feedback about their work and performance, what they are doing right and where they need improvement. A leader has to set example for his employees by doing things right by themselves so that employees observe them and then bring right changes in their behaviour. As a leader a manger is in charge of controlling things and tasks taking place in a group or team like he has to control and monitor the resources, performance, duties and tasks so that every team member use his all abilities and produce maximum profitability.

In short he has to ensure maximum utilization of resources for profit maximization. For 100% performance and results a leader has to motivate his team members by ensuring that each team member has sufficient feeling of appreciation for their performance, clear communication, and ensuring that people, things and tasks are all organized. Motivation and 100% performance is only possible when every team member is fully aware of his or her tasks and duties and how he or she can contribute to the successfully achieving the goals of teams and ultimately organization. As far as human resource management and leadership are concerned to each other, the human resource department has to ensure the effective leadership within the organization.

The performance of the organization is directly related to the leadership within that organization. For this reason human resource department of an organization pays special focus to the development of leadership in an effective and dynamic style. Human resource department has to set a standardized model of leadership. Standardization means the specific behavioural indicators and style. This will help the organization to have a consistent leadership within all departments of an organization.

For developing leadership skills the human resource department has to provide the necessary support and development to the leaders for enhancing and developing their organization. Creation of different development programs and training can be very helpful in this regard. Positive leadership can also be obtained through recruitment, promotions and performance appraisals. Most importantly the human resource department has to ensure that all the other internal processes and systems of the organization are fully aligned with the standardized model of leadership.

Relationship and Human Resource Management:
In every organization the human resource department is responsible for ensuring that there is a positive relationship between employees and management. Positive relationship means that both employees and management are loyal to each other, employees have feeling of satisfaction and management is satisfied with the performance of the employees. In some organization the relationship management is the task of a human resource manager while in some organization there is a special designation within HR department as employee relationship manager. An employee relationship manager is responsible for acting as a bridge between management and employees.

He is considered as a liaison or intermediary between employees and managers. He has to sort out the employees’ issues regarding pay, compensation, benefits, working hours and related issues by creating policies on which both management and employees agreed. Relationship management in an organization is basically concerned with two major roles, preventing and resolving disputes with employees and between management and employees and secondly, creating policies for a consistent and fair workplace environment.

For maintaining a positive relationship between employees and management the human resource department take feedback or input from employees, managers and stakeholders and then crate policies and make decisions. When there is a strong and positive relationship between employees and management and there is a right leadership style applied within all departments of the organization then there is a strong, prosperous and successful future of the organization.


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